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Posted on October 12, 2012 at 9:00 AM


(as posted on our Facebook page on 8 October 2012)

A friend of mine asked me today if I receive anything from the companies that I mention on here or the website.

The simple answer is no.

The main purpose of The Britton's Guide Website is pass on useful information to people who were just like me, moving from across the world to an unknown lifestyle. For those of you who have made the same journey, you w...ill know that feeling of going from knowing exactly what you like, where to get it and roughly how much it will cost to not knowing where anything is or even what to buy.

When I moved to the Gold Coast there was nothing like our site (and to my knowledge there still isn't) to help me get on my feet and make my journey a bit more enjoyable and a little less stressful. My Website is designed purely with people like me in mind as I know and still remember how scary those first few years were.

The Website (although primarily designed for "POMMIES") isn't just about being a Briton in Australia. It will hopefully eventually become a networking tool benefiting Aussie's, Briton's and anyone else just the same. After all we are here to live to Aussie dream so we should be using Australian companies and services as well as assisting people and families from the UK to get on their feet when they get here.

The reason we ask people who find us here on Facebook to go to the main site and sign up as a member for FREE is that eventually we would like to have the people power to approach big companies to achieve big things (discounts, free stuff, etc) for YOU our members. We hope to achieve this with both companies in Australia and where possible in the UK.

There is power in numbers and that's why we say - If you like what we do, sign up as a FREE member and pass us on to those you know will like us too. This way you will receive newsletters as they are issued any any updated info we send out by e-mail.

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