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Warning- Permenant Residents check your return status before flying out of Australia

Posted on May 30, 2012 at 4:20 PM

PANIC ATTACK - I am currently in the UK, we arrived on Saturday. We had a connection flight from  Brisbane to Melbourne and then we flew from Melbourne to London via Singapore. On arriving in Melbourne my UK passport flagged up on the system and I began to panic as I was traveling with my two small sons aged 2 years and 7months. As you may have read on the site I am a Permenant Resident 'normally domiciled in Australia'and have been for over 5 years (I have lived there for over 8 years) and I was advised that there was a problem with my visa.

I was advised by the lady at the passport desk that you have to renew your right to travel in and out of Austalia Asa Permenant Resident every 5 years. As luck would have it mine expired on the very day that I flew out of Australia. This lady informed me that as soon as I arrived in the UK I had to contact the Australian Embassy in London (0207 379 4334) and apply for a Resident Return Visa (RRV form 1085 www.immi.gov.au). Unfortunately for me I arrived on a Saturday so the stressing was prolonged waiting for them to open.

On contacting the High Commission yesterday I was informed that there is an application fee of £200.00!!!!!! Apparently once I have sent the form (by post) I should hear from my case officer in 7 days. 

So if you are a Permenant Resident and have been for some time check before you fly out of Australia that you don't need to have a RRV before you go. For more information have a look at the booklet provided by the Department of Immigration and citizenship at: www.immi.gov.au/migrants/residents/

I will keep you posted as to my progress......

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5:45 PM on June 11, 2012 
Ok, so I have now received confirmation that my Resident Return Visa has been granted. What a relief!!! With 5 days before we travel back to Australia, it has lifted a massive weight off of my mind.

It was all fairly simple, I received a emailed confirmation this morning with a letter I have printed off and will keep with my passport during transit just in case.

:) happy happy - looking forward to seeing the familiar sights of home :)