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For those of you needing to renew your passport (adult or child) or have had a child in Australia that you now need to get a passport for,  here is what to do. From January 2014, the process of applying for a British passport got super easy.

The British Government website advises that it takes about 4 weeks to receive your new passport, so don't make any plans to travel until you have received your new passport(s) also, before you travel check if you will need a resident return visa. 


Go to the British Government website complete and pay for your application. 

You will need to answer a couple of question regarding your location (Australia), age and whether you are renewing or applying. If you need help, see point 2 below. You will need to contact Australia Post to assist in sending supporting documentation with your declaration.

Then print, sign and send off the declaration, (supporting documentation and passport photos) provided at the end, to the UK.


You’ll have to pay a fee for your passport and a courier fee of £19.86 ($36.15). The courier fee pays for your passport and supporting documents to be sent back to you securely. This table is accurate as at 3 May 2014 check the website for any amendments. Also, the amounts do not include any international fee that may apply from your bank here in Australia. 

Passport typePassport feeTotal to pay (including courier fee)
Adult standard 32-page passport£83.00 ($151.00)

£102.86  ($187.20)

Adult jumbo 48-page passport£91.00 ($165.61)£110.86 ($201.75)
Contact Australia Post by calling 131318 to make an appointment at your local PARTICIPATING outlet if you need assistance completing the forms and having passport photographs printed (we draw your attention to this as not every outlet will assist with passport applications).
Store Locator for your nearest participating Australia Post 
This process is so much better and less costly than the previous system where you would need to print off the forms and take them to one of the participating Post Shops to have it all put together. The application fee and assistance fee was extortionate. All in all this is a much better service. Some people have complained of having their payment frozen due to "unidentifiable and/or suspicious activity" on their account. This shouldn't happen, but it has been known to, we mention it just so your not shocked if it does. It's easily remedied by contacting your bank (who will more than likely contact you first).



What you will need to hand to start your application:
This information was accurate as at 3 May 2014. Origional sources should be referenced for any alterations. 

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