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Applying for or Transferring a Driver's Licence

To find out how to apply for your Queensland Driver's licence you should visit the Department of Transport website:

Normally you will need to take a completed application form (which you can get from the site address above) any required eye test results etc and proof or your identity to your nearest Department of Transport 

office. The identification you will need are:

1 from Category A and 2 from Category B or; 2 from Category A and 1 from Category B.

(go to the website for a conclusive list)

 Category A Category B
Australian Citizen Certificate Medicare Card  
Passport Debit/Credit Card 
Travel documentation (residence visa) Student ID 


Should any of the above ID documents not have your current residential address on them, then you should also take a property purchase contract or rental agreement or an amenity bill such as Gold Coast City Council Rates bill, electricity bill or a bank statement. For a full list of documents that are accepted please visit the Department of Transport website.

Something you should think of doing once you have your new car is to get RACQ cover. The RACQ is what you would know as the AA or RAC and you could save yourself a lot of money and stress if you get it in advance. 
For basic roadside assistance you will pay around $78.00 for the year. If you call RACQ from where you have broken down or locked your keys in your car (it happens trust me!) you will be looking at around $110.00 for the year to sign up on the spot.
Not only do you get roadside assistance but you get other member benefits too. www.racq.com.au  

REMEMBER: Don't get caught out take certified copies of all documentation you will be needing to evidence who you are and your residential status. For more information on this visit the 'Finding a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations' link under LINKS 


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