A Britton's Guide to the Gold Coast

"A Briton's Guide to getting to know the Gold Coast"

Food Shopping

There are two major food shopping franchises on the Gold Coast (as you have probably become aware by now, even if you have only been here a day) and they are Coles and Woolworths. Both companies also own various other entities, for example Woolworths also owns BWS, Dick Smith Electronics and Big W and Coles own K-Mart, Target, Liquorland and Office Works (amongst other things).

Both stores offer a wide selection of products and will usually have a section (although very small) where you can purchase products they have had imported from the UK (and other countries). A good thing to know is that they both offer an ever growing "home brand" selection which is a fraction of the cost of the brand named items and (in most cases) is just as nice (sorry its a process of trial and error, however from experience there are not many products that you won't want to substitute again).

Both stores offer a points award system (these are outlined below) which you can take advantage of in order to save more money.  

Coles offer Flybuys (which it should be noted can be used in other stores such as Bi-Lo, Target, TravelWorld and Kmart). You can use these points to shop for all matter of things on the Flybys website. Coles have partnered with Shell Fuels and created Coles Express. You can save up to 6c per liter on fuel at Coles express by presenting a discount voucher at the bottom of your shopping docket (receipt) when purchasing fuel.

Woolworths have an Everyday Rewards Card. This too accumulates points, but these can either be used to accumulate Frequent Flyer Points or Woolworths Gift Card shopping vouchers. At last look 7,500 points will get you a $20 voucher. The use of and Everyday Rewards card can also save you 4c a litre when you purchase petrol from a Woolworths Caltex petrol station. You can also accumulate points on this card by presenting it at BigW, BWS, Dick Smith and CellarMasters.

There are many Aldi stores located on the Gold Coast. It's pretty much the same as shopping in an Aldi store in the UK. They offer a lot of British products including Haribo sweets and frozen Yorkshire puddings. They often have special events (usually once or twice a year) where they ship in a heap of British products but you have to be quick - once they are gone that's it until the next time.Aldi won Supermarket of the year in 2011.


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