A Britton's Guide to the Gold Coast

"A Briton's Guide to getting to know the Gold Coast"

Opening a Bank Account

We recommend that this be one of the first things that you do (preferably within the first six weeks as usually after this period you will require more than your passport). You will need an account for wages to go into, rent to be taken from and so that you can pay for things without having to use any foreign accounts you may still have (as these attract international transaction fees).

In order to open a bank account in Australia, you will generally need the following things:

  • Photo ID (Passport, Drivers Licence etc)
  • Evidence of your current residential address  


REMEMBER: Don't get caught out take certified copies of all documentation you will be needing to evidence who you are and your residential status. For more information on this visit the 'Finding a Justice of the Peace or Commissioner for Declarations' link under LINKS


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