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Applying for Somewhere to live

No matter where you rent a property from in Queensland (so long as it has a written tenancy agreement) your rights and obligations will be governed by the RTA (Residential Tenancies Authority). It is highly recommended that you read their website regarding your rights and obligations for before, during and after your period of tenancy as the procedures are slightly different to those in the UK.   www.rta.qld.gov.au

More often than not you will need to pay 6 weeks (four weeks bond and two weeks in advance) on signing or prior to moving in. A tenancy usually runs for 12 months and there are certain consequences for breaking a lease early - so don't under-budget. 

On moving in you will be required to complete an 'entry condition report'. This will require you to examine the property on entry and write down any damage to it prior to your moving in. This report will need to be returned to the Lessor within 3 days. Not only will it mean that you have agreed to the Lessors description of the property (most likely in perfect condition) but it is also an offense not to return the form. You will receive a signed copy from the Lessor within 14 days of its return.

IT IS REALLY IMPORTANT that you take your time with this as if there is any damage (marks on the walls which require the owner to repaint a room, broken cupboards, marks on the carpets) to the property when you leave, the cost to repair it can and will be taken from your bond monies before they are returned to you. As recommended by the RTA keeping a photographic record of any damage on entry is the best way to evidence it.

If there aren't enough pages on the form ask for more!! 

An 'exit condition report' will need to be completed on your vacating the premises too. Should you have any dispute with all or any part of your bond being retained on your vacating the property you can apply for dispute resolution (refer to the RTA website for information).


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