A Britton's Guide to the Gold Coast

"A Briton's Guide to getting to know the Gold Coast"

Things that Bite and Sting

A big concern that we all have coming to such and exotic country is what might be lurking under things or in the bushes. I have always had a massive phobia of spiders and snakes and moving to Australia renewed that fear. I was constantly paranoid of what may be waiting to bite me and whether or not it would harm me. 

The truth is I have never been bitten (that I know of) and I've seen very few snakes. 

We have compiled a list of both snakes and spiders (and other animals) that are considered most prominent on the Gold Coast and a quick guide to what it is recommended that you do if you have been bitten. We would also like to inform you that should you come across any animal that has been injured, our good friends at Australia Zoo have a 24 hour Emergency Hotline to their Australia Zoo Animal Hospital - 1300 369 652.

Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital
Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital 24-hour emergency hotline Phone: 1300 369 652

Steve Irwin Day, on November 15 2008, marked a milestone event in the history of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors Australian Wildlife Hospital, with the much anticipated official opening of a ground-breaking new hospital facility like no other - the world's largest wildlife hospital and arguably Australia's "greenest" and best equipped wildlife treatment facility, nestled alongside Australia Zoo.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital is a major project of Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors. It was Steve Irwin's dream to build the world's largest wildlife hospital at Beerwah to honour his mother Lyn, and to provide a lifeline for nature's innocent victims - providing sick, injured and orphaned wildlife with leading-edge treatment and rehabilitation before eventual release back to the wild.

This new facility will greatly expand the surgical, rehabilitation, research and training capabilities of the Hospital, which now has the scope to treat approximately 10,000 patients annually.

As the major sponsor of the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Australia Zoo provided the land on which the Hospital was built and $1.2 million to assist with construction. Australia Zoo also provides ongoing financial support for the Hospital of $2 million annually fulfilling Steve's wish that all of the charity's administration costs be covered so that 100% of donations could be applied directly to saving Australian wildlife.

Website: www.wildlifewarriors.org.au/wildlife_hospital



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